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Hurricane Models

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we are in peak hurricane season and there are several storms that will be bearing down on the US in the next few weeks.
Hurricane Irma will possibly be making landfall somewhere in the US on Sunday.
there are two more potential storms directly behind Irma.
after seeing the devastation in Texas from hurricane Harvey, i felt i should post a few links to some of the hurricane resources i use tracking storms.

https://www.ventusky.com  a storm modeling site that works in real time.

https://www.nrlmry.navy.mil   https://www.nrlmry.navy.mil/TC.html   sites belonging to the US Navy with very good hurricane data.

if you live on the East coast or Gulf coast you will want to keep an eye on the tropical storm outlook over the next month or so.

Irma is going to make landfall somewhere in the US as a hurricane CAT4 or possibly a CAT5.

keep your eye on the weather and make whatever preparations you can.

please pray for the people in Texas and those who are soon to suffer similar conditions.




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