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  1. bear with me

    That's a tough one! Hang in there - your health comes first! Pete
  2. East Lake

    Congratulations, Mick! I have 19 of those little rascals! Never too many grandchildren! Pete
  3. Any progress?

    Thanks! Just wondering. Really miss this site/Tour! Pete
  4. Any progress?

    We're now into the second half of August and the PGA Tour season is winding down... is there any progress on bringing the site back up? Thanks. Pete
  5. Do you know you can go to a Thrift store (ie. GoodWill) and get an old computer for as little as $50? Use it like a gaming system for playing Links, which runs very well on old computers. If you really want to play Links, you can. Pete
  6. Welcome!

    I'm relieved to see this site returning to life! It's like welcoming back an old friend! Pete