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  1. been a long ride

    Thanks for all the hard work and all the good times. Take care of yourself. And ride safe. Charlie
  2. Hurricane Models

  3. KISS Tour - New Tour - Champ and Elite Only

    Event 1 is now open for play for registered players. http://www.kisstours.com/
  4. KISS Tour - New Tour - Champ and Elite Only

    A few more details. The Challenge Tour is a 4-round event that is held at 1 course. Each event lasts two weeks. Each two-week period will run from Sunday to Sunday. Play will generally be opened a couple of days prior to a tournament start date. All rounds must be played and submitted by no later than 6 P.M. E.S.T. on the ending date. The Challenge Tour is played using the standard Links 2003 Stroke MOP. All Challenge Tour Rounds will be played using Links 2003 v 1.07 and a mix of challenging and non-challenging conditions. All rounds are to be played with a player that is set with a minimum skill level of Champ. No Amateur or Pro skill level will be allowed in this tour. No Easy Swing is permitted. The Challenge Tour is a scratch tour, but you will be able to view your handicap results. No promises, but it is possible that we may change to a handicap tour at some point in the future if it proves necessary to maintain competitiveness. We will see how things go. Gimmies, Mulligans, and the Putting Assistant are not allowed at any time. Use of these will result in your disqualification from that event. The first tournament is scheduled at Crooked Creek HD, beginning Sunday, August 6 and running until Sunday, August 20. The second tournament is scheduled at Whistling Straits HD, beginning Sunday, August 20 and running until Sunday, September 3. The third tournament is scheduled at Pilgrim Trails, beginning Sunday, September 3 and running until Sunday, September 17. The fourth tournament is scheduled at Royal Melbourne, beginning Sunday, September 17 and running until Sunday, October 1. The full season schedule will be posted shortly at KISS Tours. If you have an interest in playing this tour, you will need to contact Bill Trun. You can find more information here: http://www.kisstours.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=6381
  5. KISS Tour - New Tour - Champ and Elite Only

    This new tour is moving forward. If you have any interest in joining, you can get announcements and keep up with developments here: http://www.kisstours.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=6381 Charlie
  6. The Kiss Tour is considering adding a new tour which will use the 1.07 mod and will require playing at the Elite or Champ skill level. Any swing method is acceptable. It will run as a scratch tour. I said I would try to generate some interest by letting folks know at various Links message boards. If you have any interest you can reply to this thread or send me a PM. Additional details will have to be worked out once we learn if there is any interest, such as frequency of tournaments (e.g., weekly, monthly, etc.). I suspect it will be 4 rounds weekly at one course, but feel free to provide your input with your expression of interest in joining this tour. I hope a number of you will considering playing. And thanks to Mick for permitting me to post this here. Charlie