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    Good to see you back, Mick. Let me know if you need a hand with anything.
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    Welcome back Mick, glad to see the site is on it's way back. Since the site is new, I decided to use the same ID that I use at Links Corner. Links Corner Scotty
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    Rehit please change my email from sgd1946@comcast.net to sgd1946@yahoo.com since that is what I use for Paypal. Thank you, am glad to see that site is getting back on its feet.
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    Great to have you back
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    Good luck, it will be nice too have you back
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    Masters first! Enjoy!!!!!
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    Thanks Rehit for all your long hours and work on this getting it back.....much appreciated
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    Happy to see some progress with your site.
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    Glad to see you getting back online. We appreciate all your efforts.
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    Great to see the site may be back soon. Keep up the GREAT WORK. brubeck
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    I'm relieved to see this site returning to life! It's like welcoming back an old friend! Pete
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    Great to see you back. Hope everything will get well soon. clint