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    Thank you Mick for everything you've done for us all these years. My best to you and your family, keep it between the trees.
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    Thanks for all you've done. As users we sometimes take for granted all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Have really enjoyed the banter in the forums and especially enjoyed the tournaments. Wishing you all the best!
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    Wishing you the best of health in the future Mick. 25 years, eh? Like losing a child in a way. You've grown so used to it, it'll be different when it's gone. Many thanks for all the hard work and money you've invested in the past.
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    All the best, Mick. I've not been too vocal on this site and stopped playing the OWGT many years ago. I still visit the forum periodically, like the other Links forums, but I've moved over to Perfect Golf as well (I'm not too active on those forums on in those tours either). Let me express my hope that your health improves and you can participate at Perfect Golf when you want. I've learned over the past 7-10 years that I only play when I want to, instead of having to "cram in rounds" or setup tournaments because you feel you have to. A bit sad to see the site disappear, but at the same time, we move onward. All the best, Mick. Perhaps we'll cross paths in PG2 in the future. Armand
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    I am very sorry to see the site go away, but my main concern is your health, Mick. You have been a friend for a long time and I hope your health is not too serous and improves. Good Luck and Thanks for all you have done over the many years.
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    My subscription just renewed, but I do not want a refund. I want to Thank You for all you have done. It has been a joy. JerryD
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    Thanks for all the hard work and all the good times. Take care of yourself. And ride safe. Charlie
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    Thank you for your care and concern during all these years, Mick. Now it is time to care for yourself. Alberto Arias aka aaduran.
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    Mick, sorry to hear this. But health comes first!!! I want to take the chance to say THANK YOU for all you do for us in the past years. Take care Martin aka clint
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    Mick, I have been a member of this site (off and on) over the last 12 years or so! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that allowed me to enjoy something that a lot of us shared online! As hard as it is to see "an old friend" go on, your health is important and there are other possibilities out there for sure! Thanks again bud! Jason Girard
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    Sorry Rehit to hear this. I wish all the best for you and your family. Thank you for all you have done for the game and this site and I hope your health is well with you. Thanks again and may God bless you.